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Customer Spotlight- Building an all-inclusive German Web hosting platform

by Noyal Sharook
Customer Spotlight - Meinehp

Web hosting is an evergreen segment that constantly grows, sometimes even exponentially. More and more businesses are looking to go online, and each one of them requires hosting. In fact, there are nearly 2 billion recorded websites online today, and more than half a million are added to each day! This is a huge number.

Many people think that hosting segment is saturated because of the large number of providers in the space. However, the above numbers are testament to the fact that there is still space for quality new entrants to make their mark. 

This is where our client MeineHP comes in. They want to revolutionize the German hosting industry with an all-in-one platform that provides quality hosting and domains, web-builder, hosting management, and top-end support.

MeineHP came to iScripts for all this and more, with one special request to make the entire website in the German language. Naturally, iScripts AutoHoster was the perfect solution for the job!

Here are some of the AutoHoster features that drive MeineHP:

Website Builder

Most people buy hosting to build a website. However, not all of them know how to do it. Website Builders are innovative, drag-and-drop solutions for customers to develop their websites with ease and affordability. With AutoHoster, MeineHP provides its customers the option to build feature-rich websites and make them go live with their unique customizations.

Website builders are great options for hosting providers to sell additional products and services to their customers. For example, apart from hosting, website builders can be used to sell domain names and even additional storage. 

MeinHP offers 90 days of free usage on their website builder. You can sign up for free and create as many websites as you need. These homepages remain in the account for at least 90 days without any costs. You can even upload any designed homepage to your webspace via FTP!

Hosting Management

MeineHP needed a comprehensive hosting management solution so as to accommodate all their services as well as setups and configurations. iScritps AutoHoster provided them with an intuitive administrative dashboard where platform owners can control all aspects of the website, including hardware and software integration, system maintenance, support, monitoring and updates. 

Additionally, for the user-end, various products are showcased in an easy-to-buy manner with the ability to sell additional value-added services and even join an affiliate program.

Invoice and Billing

One of the main aspects of a great hosting provider is the ease of making payments (both new and recurring). For new customers, it improves the confidence in the hosting provider and for recurring payments, reducing unnecessary ‘customer support’ involvement. 

MeineHP is optimized for fast and user-friendly invoicing and billing with iScripts AutoHosters’ advanced billing system. It makes accepting new and recurring payments for all customer products automated and hassle-free.

Using MeineHP, users can register or transfer domains in real-time, choose a necessary hosting plan, and use the site-builder to build a website. Once the payment is made, the customer dashboard helps to use the product, set up a recurring payment, and find invoices and support tickets.

Support Module

Customers usually face many problems while setting up their online business, and having proper support channels to help them is a hallmark of a great hosting provider.

Customer support can be provided with Help/FAQ sections and Knowledge Base pages in its basic form. However, personal support sections such as Live Chat and Emails Ticketing systems are needed for problems that are not within the confines of generic.

MeineHP finds its perfect solution in AutoHoster for all these support-related features.


MeineHP caters to a majorly German demographic and having the website in the German language was of absolute importance. With its impressive multi-language support, iScripts AutoHoster facilitated the entire website available in German with minimal effort. 

Final Thoughts- Building an all-inclusive hosting business

Whether you are starting your web hosting business using a reseller account, a VPS or dedicated servers, having the right hosting software is essential to attracting and retaining customers.

iScripts AutoHoster is the only comprehensive online web hosting software available in the market today that includes all the necessary functionalities to build a professional hosting platform similar to GoDaddy or Hostgator. Our solution comes with many enterprise-grade features compared to competitors, including an intuitive site builder, support desk, affiliate program, remote desktop sharing, and many others, all included within your one-time purchase.

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