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Customer Spotlight: June 2016

by Kathy Hill

Car Spirit Deals – An Original Website Created from iScripts eSwap 

Car Spirit is an online automobile swapping service where its members can view and access details about other members’ unwanted cars. From here, users can list cars and parts on the site themselves. They list the ones they no longer need, then make requests for the ones they want.

The main objective of the site is to help our members get rid of their unwanted cars and parts and enable them to find goods they actually need, at no cost. By combining both buyers and sellers, this swapping site becomes a blessing for all parties involved.

This site was built using the iScripts eSwap bartering system. Similar to Craigslist and Swap.comiScripts eSwap is a bartering system which allows you to create your own swap meet website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items. The software contains all features and functionality necessary for you to launch a professional barter exchange network swapping website.

When creating your site, you can choose to keep the default design and settings or customize your website. While the software includes everything you need to get your site up and running, customizable options are sometimes necessary depending upon your own site ideas and requirements, or simply desired by you as a personal preference. These options are completely up to you! Feel free to contact us for more details and refer to the features listed below for more information.

Special Features Include:

  •  Buy, Sell and Swap Functionality – Similar to the best sites out there, our software allows buyers and sellers to exchange goods via easy-to-use interfaces and complete back-end management.
  • Admin Panel to Manage Users, Features & Payments – We include options that allow your business to run smoothly. Oversee transactions and all site activity to ensuring your site is operating the way you want it to.
  • Advanced Tools for Counter-Offers – Want to include features your customers will be grateful for? We have you covered. Included in the system are impressive features allowing counter offers to be made, similar to the big guys.
  • Multi-Language Capability – Allow your site to reach customers from various backgrounds and within different countries if applicable.
  • Unlimited Users, Products & Categories – Will other systems may charge you more for gaining customers, we don’t! Our software doesn’t limit your growth or possibility. We want you to succeed.
  • Ability to Create Internal Virtual Currency Points – Want to include a currency or points system special to your website? That’s an additional option we’ve added to make your business flourish.
  • PayPal and Authorize.net Payment Gateways – We give you the ability to use multiple payment and shipping methods, allowing your customers the flexibility to sell and trade.
  • Customizable Logo, Banners, Site Content & More – Design your site the way you want it. We want to ensure you are happy with your brand and messaging so you have the flexibility to alter it.
  • User Wish List – Sometimes specific items aren’t available. Don’t let your users get discouraged in the process! We make sure they stay on your site by giving them the option to create a Wish List.
  • Your Choice of Site Themes – Don’t want a drab site? Take things up a notch by changing your site theme. Choose from numerous options included in the software package.
  • Email Newsletter Capability – Create a list of your own and contact your customers as you wish.
  • Ability to Generate Detailed Reports – See where your site is succeeding and where it could use improvement. Use the reports to easily keep track of site details and operations.

Additional Features:

We have the ability to modify and tweak the script – along with changing or adding any additional features – or site design changes of your choice. Just tell us your thoughts and any budget specifics or limitations. We will work with you from there to provide you with the best options!


classroom2classroom template

We are proud to announce another innovative site brought to life! Classroom2Classroom was designed to create an open marketplace allowing teachers to maintain classroom libraries by buying and selling books online. Teachers may create a site login for buying and selling access and create a wishlist.

Once in the main site, users may search by grade level and reading level to ensure appropriate products are selected for classroom libraries. Searches can even be narrowed down by themes, language and reading ability.  This breakthrough site helps teachers and educators maintain classroom and student libraries efficiently and easily.

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Gourmet Direct is an complex, yet easy-to-use marketplace offering Distributed Ecommerce Platform wholesalers the ability to showcase and sell their gourmet food items. Retailers have the advantage of purchasing these gourmet food items at wholesale prices and can even create their own storefront on the same site.

Gourmet Direct is a customized version of our multi-store/multi-vendor  software solution, iScripts MultiCart Enterprise. Customize the script, similar to Gourmet Direct, to fit your own industry needs by altering site design and/or functionality.

The software already includes numerous features such as credit card and PayPal payment gateways, unlimited product listings, automated merchandising and logistics, custom commission rates and more. Our ecommerce platform gives you one comprehensive area to manage multiple storefronts, vendors and vital automated merchandising logistics.


Recently, we have come across one of the most heart-warming sites to ever grace the internet, worldwidesantaclaus.net. This site is a fully-functional way for “professional and amateur, real bearded and designer beard Santa Claus’, Mrs. Claus’, and Elves” to come together and share their hobby and passion with each other.

A complete social network provided by Santa Claus Alan Fairbanks of Norton, MA, it houses many classified categories for Santa equipment, blogs for important happenings in the member’s lives, a live chat service for instant contact between Santas, as well as job postings and a list for important seasonal events.

Santa Alan continues to provide an excellent way for other hobbyists to meet and share their passions. We look forward to seeing his site grow with others all over the country participating in the Santa culture as well as another successful holiday season right around the corner. Learn about the new Social Networking Software Platform.

This social network is created using social networking script iScripts Socialware 2.2. If you would like your iScripts powered site on the customer showcase spotlight, submit your site jon@iscripts.com for more information.

For more information on this one-of-a-kind business platform, see the DEMO or contact us at (312) 423-6728

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