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Customer Spotlight: August 2019

by Milan Mathew

Entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world use our products and services. We take great pride in being the first option and sought-after resource for our clients!

Our experienced programmers and flexible staff work with customers to examine unique business needs and incorporate the most practical solutions at a very affordable price, especially compared to competitors.

Take a look at our most recent client launches of this year:


School Supply Net is a privately-held corporation based in Illinois and the leading provider of ecommerce solutions for the school supply industry. By utilizing technological tools, valuable alliances and market networks across the country, School Supply Net is able to help you connect instantly with trusted sales reps, suppliers, transportation and marketing specialists.

School Supply Net allows schools to create their own branded ecommerce store fully loaded with products they choose, at prices they decide. Without ever touching, selling, or maintaining the items themselves, participating schools can make funds that would otherwise go to big-box retailers. As schools are always in need of additional resources and funds, this set up is ideal. On top of all the benefits, the site has done all the heavy lifting so third parties don’t have to.

School Supply Net has developed a full-service solution that can positively affect the business volume of any participating retailer, schools or supplier, and it could not be easier to navigate!

As a complete, turnkey setup, site’s using the iScripts’ platform are up and running from the moment of sign up. And, you can customize any one or all of the following:

  1. Choose the items YOU want to sell. Whether it is clothing for everyone, women only, men, babies or children, pet care and accessories or handbags, shoes and jewelry, you can create an inventory that will suit your store perfectly. Activate the products you wish to sell, and we’ll automatically offer those products to your customers.
  1. Set the retail pricing that works best for YOU. You set the retail price for each and every product, giving you total profit control. No deposit, minimums or advance purchases required. Choose the commission structures as you add sellers and resellers to the platform.
  1. Customize YOUR website and shopping cart. Use the easy setup and design wizard to personalize your site with your logo, text, and images. You can even customize colors for borders, titles, text, and links. Storefronts come with various options for design and color sets as well as the additional options for full customization. You have the freedom to utilize the script and create the business you envision.


Shoolsupplynet.com was built using the one-of-a-kind scripts, iScripts MultiCart Enterprise . This is the Ultimate eCommerce Platform giving you one comprehensive area.

Read More about iScripts MultiCart Enterprise and watch the DEMO.

The software package operates similarly to Doba.com and is an ideal software solution for multi-level marketers, resellers, and distributors.


India-Matrimonial.com provides FREE matrimonial services to the global Indian community. It allows users around the world to signup and searches for their life partners.

Dating apps have been successful over the past few years. The iPhone has also been utilized for the same purpose and thereby increasing the number of users as well as user-friendliness. Take advantage of the script’s mobile-friendly design.


India-Matrimonial.com is built upon dating website software from iScripts. It is based on the open source dating software, iScripts CyberMatch. The software easily and affordably creates a professional dating site, similar to Match.com and  eHarmony.com. High-end features such as background checks, instant messenger capabilities, payment plans and more are built right into the software. Start a successful and profitable online dating site using this standalone and flexible solution!


iMet30 was founded in 2014 as is a new generation idea for online dating, the smart way. iMet30 strive to make your online dating experience the most unforgettable you will ever have by bringing together singles from many locations around the world.

iMet30 partner search page

iMet30 stands alone and different from traditional dating websites. iMet30 presents potential matches based on your selections of who you are looking for.  It’s like meeting in public – you see someone you are attracted to or interested in and then you start the process of learning more about them. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate across all areas. Searching makes the process of finding a mate quick and easy as iMet30 results offer quick and accurate matching information.

iMet30 stands out from other dating web portals because it runs on the main platform of our online dating script, iScripts CyberMatch.

As you should know, online dating is on the rise. Although it started out with a lukewarm reception, online dating sites have become a highly popular way for single people to meet and find romantic partners. The fact that the internet itself comes with the scope of fraudulent and uninvited guests, the online dating scene was pretty much affected in its early periods. But times have changed.

A healthy cultural revolution is in fact brewing within the online scene and many of the existing stigmas about relationships originating online are quickly wearing off. The general public now sees dating sites and apps as a legit way to meet potential partners with similar interests, backgrounds, locations, careers and more. There are many niche sites available – such as sites just geared toward dog or cat owners. What other types of matching criteria can you think of? Which groups or interests do you possess? You can create the dating site of your choice using iScripts CyberMatch.

Use the comprehensive system to develop your own dating and matching site or app, based upon the outlines you create and niche market you want to serve.

All you need to get started with either script is a domain and hosting provider. Don’t know how to install the software? We can do this free of cost for you as a special offer! If you are unsure about hosting providers, contact us for referrals or ask about our super basic and easy-to-use cloud options. We’d be happy to give you references and assist in any way we can.

Have questions about iScripts MultiCart Enterprise or iScripts CyberMatch and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea? Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions you may have. 

Have questions about our web software and Mobile Apps and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea? Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to explain how our software works, including any additional business, needs you may have.

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