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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in your Online Business?

by Sherine Mariam

Customer Satisfaction in simple terms is the satisfaction level of a customer with the purchase experience that the product/ service a company offers. Customer Satisfaction or Customer Experience is one of the top-grossing factor deciding the future of a product or service offered by an organization. Many of the leading business persons have quoted that online retailing is more of selling an experience rather than selling products.

Customer Satisfaction in Business

In this worldly scenario where people find it difficult to find time or mindset to go to retail stores and buy commodities and hence opt for buying them online from reputed online e-commerce websites such as the most commonly used Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and Nykaa. If you are in the vision of beginning a new online business or you already have one, you might always be in thought of how these websites have come to the forefront is the people’s favorite online marketplace. And you would also definitely want to know how you can bring out a similar experience in your online business. This blog will answer all these questions in detail along with some key points to remember for customer retention as well!

This generation nowadays believes in the instant and fast life whether it is about technology, services or even food. The same applies to individual interests as well. When a user visits your website for the first time, he or she must feel that initial interest to go forward and view more of the website. As the famous saying goes, “The first impression is the best impression.”, it is a must to create your website that will catch the attention the users such that they will return to the website again and again, and also recommend the website to their contacts at the same time. Therefore, conducting intensive market research and deciding your targeted audience is ideal to know before stepping forward into the launching the business. This is possible with some intelligent Search Engine Optimization activities for bringing the website in the top list of search engines and some logically applied paid marketing to increase brand awareness.

Creating the Online E-commerce Website

Once, you begin a business the next step will be to create a website to publicize your products and services to the public, especially to your targeted audience. Installing cookies in your website that will remember the customer’s login details, previous purchases, recently viewed items will create an easier platform for the buyer to trust the website and show a keen interest in scourging through the products suggested in accordance with the recently searched ones.

CX in Online Business

Setting filters to filter out the products based on size, color, any product related factors, reviews, and ratings will create a user-friendly atmosphere. This will in return engage the customers to easily surf through the products they require easily.

When coming towards the product pages, it is ideal to add high-quality images that properly show the products and its important features. Including a product description including all the details from content, material, instructions to use, etc is beneficial in creating a well-informed customer experience. For example, if you have an online clothing store, it will be good to include the details of the material used to tailor the apparel. Also include the details regarding the design, length, size, wash, weather and the model’s size. In this era of virtual reality experiences, adding an extra feature like a 360-degree view or a video with the model will help in the customer’s decision on how the fall of the dress will be in reality apart from in the published photographs.

Previous customer reviews are now a great factor when it comes to buying products online. Hence, it is worthwhile including genuine customer reviews and ratings for every product. Nowadays, it is a trend for everyone to check with the reviews and ratings provided by previous buyers before purchasing the product to ensure the authenticity of the product.

The shopping cart is the most important part of an online business. Users will like to have better cart visibility on every page they visit for easier navigation and comparison. Executing the provision of online payment wallets apart from the traditional COD (Cash on Delivery), Net banking and Credit/ Debit card payments will ease the payment processes especially for users using the online store via smartphones.

Offers and Deals - Customer Satisfaction

Apart from the shopping cart, it is highly beneficial to create a wishlist option which you can utilize to suggest similar products to the user. You can use the same list to give the user special discounts or offers on special occasions as filled in the profile like on birthdays and anniversaries.

Customer Service – The key to Better Customer Satisfaction

Best Customer Service Applications

When purchasing from a conventional retail store, we always have staff attending and suggesting products according to our requirements. Who wouldn’t like to experience the same while purchasing online? Ergo, customer support comes into the picture. If you do not have an appreciable customer support wing you are behind the eight balls. Nowadays, multi-channel contact support including social media, chat facility, email support, and call services is preferred widely. Investing in a dedicated team of patient and empathetic contact support team will help you gain a step forward in the online business game. You can check in investing a chatbot, providing automated email responses, call back facilities, support forms for better understanding and many more.

You can use an open source online store builder script like the iScripts GoStores and iScripts VistaCart that allows integrating your website with major domain registrars, and will simultaneously manage the billing and accounts management, and also provide help desk support features as well.

Role of Social Media Platforms

Social media nowadays, play a fruitful role in generating leads to businesses with its openness to engage an extensive community and reach to a larger audience. Maintaining engaging social media profiles on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin and Vimeo can help in creating brand awareness and encouraging customers to visit the website.

Role of Social Media in Online Business

But this should not stay limited to posting a few creatives for brand promotion but should be keenly monitored. Also include interesting campaigns, contests or special day events to instill a fascination in the users. Such steps will help in converting these leads into potential customers. Monitoring the comments, reviews and messages that come in the page are important. Instant responses to both positive and negative reactions will also aid in creating a trust factor among the buyers. Follower building is another important activity that must be given close attention. It is important to know your targeted audience and potential leads who should be invited to follow your page.

Creating a Friendly Relationship with the Buyer

Yes, it is important to create a friendly space between the user and the provider. Just like you would thank your friend, it is important to acknowledge your customer in collaborating or participating in your business with a warm “thank you” email or even discounts or redeemable points that can be used for the user’s next buy. You must also keep up to the promises that you advocate regarding your products and services and avoid any form of compromises in its quality or quantity. Once, a customer has purchased a product from your store it is important that you provide them with proper assistance regarding the shipment and delivery. Open source order tracking and delivery platforms such as the iScripts LocoLogic can come in handy in such situations to keep a close eye on the shipment and delivery systems to ensure they reach the right hands within the promised time.

After every purchase, it is advantageous to carry out a short survey with a few questions or ask for feedback regarding the product and/ or service. Make sure that, the survey does not go longer than ten questions or require more than 3.5 minutes to fill up. Just remember, people are here on the online marketplace to save time so it is important to stay to point and precise. You can also employ follow up emails after the purchase with considering the same points in mind while sending them out.

Sending out newsletters to the website subscribers on the latest collections or latest news and events will help in creating a smooth communication channel between the customers and the service provider.

Happy customers bring in better profits and referrals that will also help in increasing your clientele base. Customers are your source of income, hence “customer satisfaction” must be your goal number one!

Customer Satisfaction in simple terms is the satisfaction level of a customer with the purchase experience that the product/ service a company offers. Many of the leading business persons have quoted that online retailing is more of selling an experience rather than selling products.

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