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Customer Spotlight: LemonsForLimes.com – Get Produce So Fresh, You’ll Want To Slap It

by Jon Skulemowski

girls with their gardenWe are thrilled to announce the launch of a new eco-friendly site with a humanitarian benefit.

Lemons for Limes founder, Lori, wanted to do something positive that would benefit others. By making it possible for gardeners to acquire a variety of natural, home-grown produce by reducing overabundance and bringing a vital resource to others in need, she is doing just that.

Upon joining the Lemons for Limes gardening swap website, members can trade fresh produce with fellow gardeners. This cuts back on waste and gives gardeners the opportunity for the produce to flourish. Additional fun and user-friendly features of the site include a “wish list” (members are informed when desired produce is available), the ability to message and participate in live chat, as well as the ability to create a blog showcasing personal gardens and available produce.

The initial sign up fee of $5.95 provides 5 trading points good towards the first few trades. When someone clicks to “claim” a bag of produce, one point is deducted from the claimer and added to the supplier of the produce. An interactive map indicating the pick-up location is displayed to the claimer who agrees to trading rules and etiquette.

$1 of the sign-up fee goes towards an effort to bring clean water to impoverished communities with high mortality rates. See Lori’s informative video for more. http://lemonsforlimes.com/

This community-driven site shows just how long an act of giving can prosper. You can sow the giving seed by offering support and help spread the word throughout your area by becoming a member and Facebook fan. We are pleased to have participated in the creation of this site and to have assisted Lori in making this dream a reality. Lemons for Limes was built using iScripts eSwap software and was customized by in-house programmers from iScripts.com. Visit https://www.iscripts.com/eswap/ to see the online demo of iScripts eSwap 2.2.

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