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Custom Project – Community Cooperative

by Sheri Levitt

At iScripts, We listen to our customers. That is one of our specialties – to listen and to give what our customer needs in business and to tailor our software packages more affordable for our clients. Our open-source scripts are fully equipped with all the necessary features and functionality one would expect in a quality site, not all businesses are created the same or have the same needs.

Let us know if you require any customization or changes to reach the needs of your business. Then we can send you a quote with a fixed price along with the requirements. This could be as simple as small design changes or as elaborate as incorporating apps and portals.

There are users all over the world who take advantage of our products and solutions. We provide 24/7 technical support for all our products. Check out these customers who have built their own online ventures using iScripts software packages:

Community Cooperative

Community Cooperative is a shop for anything you need for the coir industry. This website is designed mainly for:

  • Coir Manufacturers/Producers
  • Distributors & Resellers
  • Resellers & Customers
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To check out the online transactions for customers a new payment gateway has been taken part of the customization, it is ‘Dwolla’. In addition, a new option was incorporated for site administrators to pre-approved vendors, affiliates, and resellers via automatic approval. Beyond this, we also made significant changes by adding impressive affiliate plans, referral privileges, 2nd tier commission capabilities, reports, and CRM/API integration to improve usability along with ease of use.

The sufficient mindset of Community Cooperative utilizes the eCommerce platform of B2B2C to create a competitive field in the market and to succeed. The members of Community Cooperative can reach different and unique marketplaces for sales and leverage the benefits of the eCommerce platform for exponentially driving sales.

If you are a merchant with a product and multiple sales representatives And in search of creating a dropshipping site similar to Doba, Here is a solution for you.

iScripts Multicart Enterprise is a multi-channel eCommerce platform using by several businesses from different industries.

This software provides solutions to business models, merchants, and any agencies or distributors. We know that it is intense to track everything at once but there is an open-source solution with a single administration panel for this purpose. This keeps business activity as organized, clean and efficient as possible.

iScripts Multicart Enterprise solution includes the tools needed for you to support an unlimited amount of storefronts, sellers, vendors, and products while incorporating all the vital aspects of online business into one easy-to-use eCommerce engine.

This software is a complete solution for eCommerce and logistics that also allows the site administrators to market service with the storefronts, merchants, consumers. Each of them is together to promote the products from the database.

Customers who install iScripts Multicart Enterprise on a server can customize the site according to their brand in order to create an instant distributed supply chain and eCommerce platform.

The software supports multiple vendors, storefronts, and seller panels that allows the third party to sell their products or site administrators’ products independently. This solution is ideal for medium to large or multi-level businesses those who are looking for scalable solutions.

The application is included with the shipping solutions with fast delivery options. It consists of UPS, FedEx, Authorize.net and other payment gateways for better transactions.


Check it out for yourself! You can see all of the features right now on our LIVE DEMO.

To get more information regarding the Multicart Enterprise and the advantage of this platform or If you have any doubts contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com 

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