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Custom Projects of MultiCart and PrintLogic

by Milan Mathew

We have customers all over the world taking advantage of our products and solutions. All of our products include technical support and business models built right into the site. Check out these customers who have built their own online ventures using iScripts software packages.


How difficult is it to create an online business? At first, it can seem like a challenge considering the steps involved and a full list of website features needed for a successful launch. That’s why many turn to iScripts, as our software solutions, are standalone solutions, containing everything a new, or developing, an online business requires to be fully operational.

Just choose your business type or model and begin adding your own logo, copy, and products. This serves the needs of various customers around the globe, seeking a cost-effective solution for generating an online income. One customer taking full advantage of iScripts solutions is Josh Gabriel, owner of IslandFace.


Since the industry is increasingly turning toward digital production and distribution, Jacob had the vision of “innovating social shopping” for those within the entertainment and production industry. By reaching out to iScripts to shape the software specifically for his independent website, he now sells quality audio, video, ebook, and photography products online.

Matching Jacob’s aspirations, IslandFace is becoming a complete, online marketplace that sells both digital and tangible products to buyers around the world. Customers from all over the globe can shop from the stores of IslandFace and feel secure in their purchasing decisions. This peace of mind comes from features already included within the software, along with project-specific customizations such as integrated Google Translate and audio/video players.

Many businesses today need content to be translated quickly and accurately, especially to promote sales worldwide. As a part of the iScripts customization, a Google translator has also been integrated into the website to access the message in various languages, which will help customers access the website in their regional languages while improving overall sales.

Empriza is a one-stop store for all the shopping enjoyment. Empriza offers online users a wide range of products. The online users can sign up with the portal as sellers and buyers. The sellers have the privilege to upload and sell the products through the website. Users who visit the website can access the products by clicking on the desired products or by searching for a product by name.

The website admin has the privileges to manage the users and all the website contents. The payments can be made with the help of the payment gateways integrated with the website. The website showcases physical goods and digital goods. Online buyers can choose the desired product from the website and the payments can be made to avail them. As a part of customization, the sellers will now be able to hide/show their personal details on the website, they can also display their shipping policies in all the product details pages as well.


Google Translate is the perfect tool for instant, informal translation. Potential customers reading copy online may get the general idea, but in order to be successful, it needs to convey more. Language barriers can surely come in between the voice and the reader, causing an emotional disconnect.

Those within the production industry need to know and trust the products they purchase, which is what makes the social aspect of selling online so important. Just like online reviews and word-of-mouth marketing, social selling increases reach and awareness. By incorporating these features into a website, Josh’s potential revenue increases.

WTS Collections

wtscollections is an eCommerce site which sells a wide range of t-shirt and other goodies online? Buyers can customize any products they buy with the help of the designer made available on the website. They can make use of the designer to get their desired images and text printed onto the products they purchase. iScripts PrintLogic has been utilized to run the business.

As a part of customization, a makeover has been done to the home page design which makes the website look even more prettier. The theme has been customized to suit the color of the business logo and listing per row has been raised from 3 to 4.

online tshirt printing software

Today’s customers expect to try out products beforehand. Customer satisfaction is a necessity in the modern online marketplace. Even potential customers lacking a long-standing relationship or brand loyalty, expect to be given the same perks and elite treatment to feel special and appreciated as a consumer.

In addition to Google Translate, an audio/video player was also integrated to the IslandFace site so that customers would have the ability to play digital files, like audio and videos, before placing an order. This ensures customers cannot misinterpret the product, along with providing users with a sample or free trial prior to purchase. This also gives users a reason to come to the site, as freebies of any kind tend to gain a lot of interest and add value.

Many of our existing and previous customers are impressed with the features already built into our popular Multi-Vendor eCommerce software. Equipped with multiple storefronts and currency types, integrated payment gateways, digital product support, gift certificate, and coupon capability, templates, social links and more – iScripts Multicart provides you with the functionality necessary for a thriving online business.

It’s the perfect solution for brick and mortars and online businesses, regardless of the product or niche market. Using this impressive script, website owners and site administrators have the full capability to easily create their own version of an online marketplace, similar to Amazon or Etsy.

See the full list of features for our Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Making the software that much more attractive, the package also includes a mobile app, which is available for Sellers as well as Buyers. The Seller application is exclusively for sellers to put up their products and stock online while enabling all buyers to view their products with the ability to purchase them as well. This makes the site easily accessible from any location, encouraging product updates and responses from sellers, along with real-time purchases and inquiries from buyers.

iScripts PrintLogic is a unique online design and printing software allowing your customers to easily customize t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, plaques and any other type of printable product offered by your business, or your vendors. This type of site may sound complicated to use, but designing is made super easy with an intuitive interface and simple drag-and-drop features.

For more information, questions or to customize the existing software, contact our project managers and software specialists at (312) 423-6728

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