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CRM with Built-In Robust Voice Support Technology

by Milan Mathew

Are you in a good position to handle customer service issues?

Are your telemarketers or sales teams having a tough time making data entries into the CRM?

Handling customers require dedicated procedures like documentation of the client, proper communication, and informative updates.

What if we said this could all happen at your fingertips, within just a few clicks?

Easily create a record of customer information and in just one click, give him or her a phone call.

Voice Support Technology

iScripts has developed a unique inbound and outbound marketing suite for small to medium-sized businesses!

We also use top-notch technology to integrate voice support. The platform is equipped with built-in CRM, telephone integration, innovative click-to-call technology, and SMS marketing. Users can use softphones, regular landline phones or mobile phones. You can check Icarus Framework and it’s Applications.

By using the new iScripts platform, businesses can cost-effectively streamline processes by handling inbound and outbound calls within a single click. Current and prospective customer history, along with data and information is easily accessible by being held within the CRM.

Voice Support Technology

Developed using an MVC framework and Asterisk servers for telephone and SIP-based voice calls, this multi-tenant SaaS platform is very easy to use and manage. This solution was developed using a distributed server cluster to support the scale needed to address anticipated growth.

The core focus when building this solution has been to solve the following problems and issues small and medium-sized businesses face every day:

  • Save time for outbound telemarketers while making outbound calls
  • Telemarketers face unique problems, such as

    having to look up customer data in the CRM each time before
    making a call. Even throughout the call, they are required to frantically deviate their attention between the telephone and the CRM to enter details and logs pertaining to their conversations and calls during the day
  • Precise analytics for telemarketers do not exist or are collected
  • Small and medium scale enterprises heavily depend on outbound telemarketers to reach out to more leads as well as spread the word about their services. Until now, no Customer Relationship Management Softwares have provided in-depth analytics about what the telemarketers have been doing with their time, or provide any key metrics to factor into results or analyze to determine how much time or effort is required for a sale, or make decisions based on telemarketing

When iScripts was given the opportunity to explore solutions for this unique problem, we found a very genuine method combining Voice & CRM. By combining the two together, we have built a unique product that solves issues, while also helping the small to medium enterprise increase their brand presence – as well as their revenues – by reducing costs.

We used VoIP Technology and gave telemarketers the opportunity to make calls directly through the click of a button. The software also provides marketers and sales teams with a  dependable platform where they can also maintain and update a CRM at the same time.

This is a breakthrough option for small and medium-sized businesses with a small sales team, telemarketers or

Voice Support Technology

Keeping in mind the growing demand for the requirements from SME companies, we provided analytics like total airtime, individual airtime, conversions, and other important metrics, to help companies, managers and entrepreneurs better understand their business.

Moreover, you can customize the application as desired. For example,  i.e to Add different product scripts for telemarketers and find analytics for each script.

We chose the asterisks based server as it is open-source and it is the best solution available in the industry to build communication applications.

Some times, Companies that are looking for specific software packages may not be available with us or the available software have only limited features. For those who need more features and customizations, they have to hire a dedicated development team to build that specific software.

The dedicated development service is a premium service offered by iScripts and this helps to provide more with our expertise in App and eCommerce development and other services. We have a team of highly skilled programmers for the needs of customers.

Our experienced programmers and flexible staff work with customers and clients to examine unique business trends and needs to incorporate the most practical solutions at a very affordable price, especially compared to competitors.

We’d be happy to explain how our services and software works including any additional business need you may have.

We have lots of business models for owners with ideal options and solutions. For more questions regarding our software contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com

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