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Case Study: Antistress Revolution App

by Mariya Parackal
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Your brain is like a computer. It receives search information all day long. Based on the inputs, it produces results in the form of responses. Your brain’s search engine database is in your subconscious mind. Your search results are the thoughts, feelings, and behavior you undergo throughout the day.  

Antistress Revolution app’s primary objective is to educate users on how to reduce their stress levels through a well-structured coaching method. This mobile app is specially created for Generation-Z, who are the most affected group in our society when it comes to stress-related issues. The app helps users to understand the root causes of stress and offers them a sense of space, reflection, and clarity. The coaching is delivered through a series of highly informative, useful, and interesting videos that will help users to gain understanding, and offer insights or reflections they may not have considered before. The app also offers a chat group feature and daily messages. The app has a simple, user-friendly, highly soothing, and inviting design interface, providing a great user experience.

How our brain processes information & stress? 

Your brain’s search process interprets all the inputs as either dangerous or safe.  When the brain processes it as dangerous, it activates your reptilian brain. Based on this, you receive thoughts that instruct you to fight, flee or freeze. 

Your reptile brain can be partially awake with one eye open to wide awake and in full alert mode. 

In turn, this determines your brain’s intensity to fight, flight, or freeze response. 

The reptile brain generates negative emotions.

When your reptile brain is awake, it often generates negative emotions. Thus, its ability to process the information it receives gets hindered. What is even worse is interferes with your brain’s clear thinking and prevents it from retaining information. 

Health Hazards involved

The result acts as a health hazard as well. It often leads to things like increasing your heart rate. Apart from this, your blood sugar levels get enhanced for fueling your muscles. Along with the same, it also leads to interruption of your digestive process. It even disrupts your normal functioning. Besides, it weakens your immune system, which means you can easily prey to serious lifestyle diseases. It also keeps you awake. 

Antistress Revolution App

How AntiStress Apps are helping people cope with stress

But wait a minute, what if the search criteria were not presenting you with an actual physical danger? In such a case, why do you need this physical response? It is how your reptilian brain is trying to deal with a physical threat when there might not be one. In other words, it is trying to fight today’s problem with primitive tools to fight them. These primitive tools include fight, flight, and freeze.

In some ways, it is like having a virus on your computer that blocks you from accessing your best response, given the situation and the circumstances.

The good news is that now you have an application that enables you to upgrade your database. It can tell your reptile brain that it is not able to help and help it go back to sleep. 

After this, you can use the tools that your evolved brain has. These practical tools include using your creating, logic, and intuition. These are about working with your positive personality traits and natural skills. It also enables you to awaken within you to trust and believe in yourself. 

Given a choice which one will you like to meet your challenges?  Will it be the reptile brain or whether your evolved brain? It will be your developed brain, will it not? 

How does AntiStress Revolution app work?

antistress app

The users should complete the registration process to get access to the application. Users are successfully logged into the platform, once their sign-in credentials have been acknowledged.

Users will see the in-app purchase preview screen after the sign-up to become a premium user. The one-time payment would be $14.99. The users can still access the app after closing the preview window for in-app purchases without making the payment.

Unpaid users can view the Home Screen and other screens where all the sections are in locked mode until they become premium users. This will give unpaid users an idea about coaching methods and also experience the look and feel of the app, making them more likely to become paid members.

The main section of the home screen displays significant content which makes it easy for the

user to select between various in-app features.

Each Step Explained videos – with links to the following listed videos

  • Gen Z Stress Explained
  • Stress Explained
  • Calming Down
  • Search Input
  • Reptilian Emotions
  • Reptilian Physical Reactions
  • Reptilian Thoughts
  • Reptilian Focus
  • Reptilian Behaviors
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze Response
  • Imbalance/Self-sabotage
  • Why YOUR reptile is Waking Up
  • Evolved Focus
  • Evolved Thoughts
  • Evolved Behaviors
  • Evolved Feelings
  • Antistress Explained
  • Balance Explained

The comprehensive coaching program helps users reduce their stress levels by walking them through 12 explicit steps. The users rate their stress level from 1 (low) – 10 (high). Next, there will be a short video on Breathing, if the users wish to bring down their stress level below 3. Ideally, every user would watch it anyway because it will be helpful to know when they are above a 3. The app prompts them to watch the calming down video to bring their stress level down to a 3 or less. The users can share their thoughts with each other by joining chat groups that match their stress response.

AntiStress Revolution App: Conclusion

The AntiStress Revolution application is all about working and activating your evolved brain. It is the revolution of a young brain. 

Here, you can avail of various tools like Anti Stress Coaching, Chat Groups, and much more, which help you develop your evolved brain.

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