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Buy A Successful Hosting Company! Your Choice: $1 Billion or $199

by Jon Skulemowski

Earlier this week, GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons quietly solicited for Wall Street bids starting at $1 billion dollars for complete control of his company. Currently, it lists more than 40 million domain names under its management and has grown to almost $750 million in annual sales, but it didn’t start off with all of these people just waiting for GoDaddy to be invented. Even a company as successful as GoDaddy came from humble beginnings. Who would have thought that back in 1997, a few no-name guys who were looking to re-name their company from Jomax Tech to “Big Daddy” were ever going to be this successful?

Being part of the paid internet infrastructure industry is easier than you may think. While a cool billion might be out of your budget, $199 may be a bit more realistic. iScripts.com AutoHoster is the conglomeration of three of the best pieces of software from the iScripts catalog; iScripts Autohoster Server Manager, iScripts HelpDesk, and iScripts EasyCreate. With these tools in hand, many have gone on to the creation of turn-key businesses that generate healthy and sustainable revenue.

Meet your customer’s needs with fast domain registration through an automated interface through both the Enom API and Directi API, a rock-solid hosting control panel, get answers their questions with a live help desk, and get started with a lightning fast website customization and creation tool. Deliver a solid service and then choose the best billing method for long-term growth; flat rate purchases or recurring fees.

With all of these tools available, and at an affordable price point, who is to say you can’t be the next 1and1.com? Drive the traffic to your site, fill up your server and you can be on the road to stable, sustained income and 8 million customers. Provide the same service, price yourself competitively, put your name out there, and let the customers come to you!

Visit www.iScripts.com for more information and view the live demo of our hosting software – your next chance to make it big…powered by iScripts.com.

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