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BUILD a Network, RUN a Service and RULE Your Profit!

by Milan Mathew

The Ultimate On-Demand Service Platform: iScripts UberforX

Do you have a service to sell? If yes, then we have a policy to deliver. Everything around us is a service.

What is exactly does service mean? Service is a system to deliver public needs like transportation, water, communication, food, healthcare, etc.

What if I say, you could earn from the service you deliver? Could you believe it?

Well, you have to, because it’s already happening around us right now. No one is capable of handling things without a third party service. For example, you are reading this article because of Leonard Kleinrock (he was the one behind the initial idea of the Internet) not only Leonard Kleinrock – but also Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee (inventor of world wide web) likewise we could take a long list which will end up with this iScripts blog.

The internet introduced services, got a new face to expand and gathered resources to deliver on time. When service fused with the internet, the scope to grow drastically improved.

There are a lot of network services like transportation network services, communication network services, healthcare network services, and many, many more.

So are you ready to serve and earn?

Let us see the capability of network services…

Innumerable opportunities  Take this chance to choose the service from innumerable options. It can alter the style and form of service according to the need.

Quality Service – When you choose to grow your network, it will directly affect the quality through quick service and improved support.

Direct Service Network services have an advantage in connecting the service seeker directly to vendors which will help to choose and book at that moment. It will reduce the load of the administrator from maintaining each users and vendors.

Earning – Carve your revenue from the service provided. Network services are less risk-earning business.

Easy Access – Network service businesses must provide easy access to their service to grow on. In order to achieve easy access to a website, an Android app and IOS app will play a tremendous role in users.

How to Build a Successful Network Service Business:

  • Choose a service to deliver
  • Gather basic resources to start your service
  • Establish your identity
  • Build a network through a website, to grow your service
  • Provide easy access for vendors and service seekers with android and IOS application
  • Minimum funding
  • Maintain sustainable control over the structure of the business

As mentioned in the beginning, if you have a service to sell then iScripts has software with a built-in business model to deliver. iScripts UberforX is the one to satisfy this policy. 

iScripts UberforX:

  • This software is a platform for network service businesses. This type of platform gives you the flexibility to run services like transportation, water, communication, food, healthcare, and more.
  • UberforX is even capable of providing easy access in means of Android and IOS applications. Vendors and users have separate applications to serve and request the services available.
  • The script has the ability to carry unlimited users, vendors, services, and transactions. This ability will enhance your business-standard.
  • This complete software comes with one powerful administration panel and detailed reporting. The administration panel has full control over vendors, orders, reports, services and much more. Vendors and users have separate control panels and a detailed reporting system.
  • Equipped with unlimited, free iScripts support 24×7 and for customizing a unique iScripts UberforX, we can assign you with a developer (charges apply for customization).

iScripts UberforX – Android User App

Now you can incorporate the platform into your existing business, or create a new one for easy trial. The turnkey, yet affordable, user app lets customers choose an appropriate service provider and book an appointment for service, right from their phone, similar to the popular app, Uber.

The users can have this application to book the services provided by the admin. For instance, users can hop into the Total Fitness App to find the right service and staff for their needs and fit it into their schedule.

iScripts UberforX is an ultimate on-demand service platform. This on-demand service platform gives you the flexibility to run any Uber-like service site within multiple industries such as medical, auto, food, maids, taxi service, and fitness.

Try it out for yourself right now See the Live DEMO Here
For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728

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