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BigCommerce Clone Script

by Aji Abraham
BigCommerce Clone Script

BigCommerce is an online store builder and the most popular eCommerce website. It will allow you to add products, upload product pictures, create new pages, create discount coupons and many more. BigCommerce serves a wide range of industries that includes electronics, jewelry, fashion and so on and it can be integrated with other eCommerce sites like eBay, Shopping, etc. 

BigCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for a fast-growing company. You can try this platform for 15 days free trial. 

How to create an online eCommerce store like Big Commerce?

Do you want to create an online eCommerce business similar to Big Commerce?

Big Commerce gives users the ability to easily create hosted, online stores. This is attractive because users can create stores quickly and sell their own products while not having to worry about the technicalities or issues that can sometimes be associated with maintaining a website.

This business model can be profitable if executed correctly.  By offering features similar to Big Commerce, you can reap the benefits of a subscription-based business model.

How can this be done? Is it hard to build a site like this and does it cost a lot? Not if you use the right solution.

One way to affordably create your own business is to use a Big Commerce clone script. There are not many available, but one of the best and most affordable options is iScripts GoStores. This is a unique and proven e-commerce store builder software application that allows you to create a site similar to Big Commerce, Volusion, Shopify and Quickcart. By offering branded, hosted shopping cart services to your clients, your customers can quickly create and easily manage their own online storefront.

Customer stores will be hosted on your server. Customers will have the ability to easily manage these storefronts from your site.  You have the choice of whether or not to bill your customers monthly, quarterly or yearly. The software is also equipped with a powerful admin panel that will allow you to manage users, billing, domains, servers and more.

Surpassing expectations, this script also includes an integrated help desk to provide immediate online support, email list management, multiple domain eNom/GoDaddy registrar support, detailed reports, Google AdSense and analytics plugins for the stores created SEO friendly URL rewrites, photo resizing capability, custom form fields, refund functionality, promo codes, and an optional affiliate program.

Features of BigCommerce Clone Script

  • The script contains all the components to build an online eCommerce business.
  • Simple software installation with no requirements of a program.
  • Multiple themes are supported
  • You can upload unlimited products and images
  • Different shipping methods are integrated

Know more features of GoStores and build your online eCommerce marketplace.

Giving you increased flexibility and scalable options,  iScripts GoStores is an open-source script that does not have code encryption.  This gives you the ability to customize the site now or anytime in the future in order to fit your business and website needs.

Help others to create their online stores and cash in.  Your own online business can be easily started by using the Big Commerce clone script, iScripts GoStores. Once you have a domain and hosting plan, you are on your way!

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