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New Advanced Technology to Keep All Your Money Intact

by Sheri Levitt
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We all know money is not going anywhere, but the current mediums used for exchange in the form of coins, cash and checks are about to change. We have a well-known history of evolution not only in science but also in technology. What seems like ages ago, we used gold, silver, and bronze as a type of currency.

Later we invented coins and banknotes, and now we have access to easy banking and transactions using common debit and credit cards. In order to store and handle money safely and securely, we also have a well-defined banking system with not just one but many banking partners.

Every banking partner provides us with the latest technology like credit cards and debit cards to handle the money we own. How many accounts and cards do you have?

Is it easy to maintain all of them at once? Sometimes it may feel like you are juggling multiple accounts, cards, and figures in your head. While the modern, current method is the most advanced, this process could definitely be improved. Imagine keeping all of your cards on a single card.

Imagine all of your accounts neatly organized in one place. Imagine having all of your finances automatically calculated while including the technology to see trends and forecast future figures. Now you can accomplish all of your financial goals in a snap while staying organized as the default. It’s about time!

iScripts is proud and excited to announce that we are now part of a new revolution in currency and technology. We have partnered with a major business team to create and introduce a market card – a card that can merge all your bank accounts to a single smart card.

Staying in line with the proposed business flow, cardholders must create an account to own a card. Members can use this account to maintain and observe card activity. This smart card is a reloadable debit card in which members can load money from their accounts. Cardholders can then subsequently use the card at any ATM in the world, or where MasterCard is accepted. Ibotta is a money-saving app and is the best example for banking apps. To build a money-saving app like Ibotta is easy using scripts.

Steps to Earn a Smart Card:

– Order the Card. There will be an easy signup process, similar to current processes experienced through major banks and credit unions.

– Activate the Card. Choose to activate your card online or by calling a number to get started using your smart card.

– Activate the PIN code, same as the account pin code. Create your own pin and use it as a security measure while conducting and processing transactions.

– Load the card with the money from your account. Add all applicable accounts to your smart card in order to begin merging your finances into one, manageable area.

– View transactions and balance of the card. Information will be available in the account so you can stay informed about your smart card with viewable account information.

The technologies used on the card are a magnetic stripe, EMV chip and/ or QR code, which will open the opportunity for millions around the world to conduct a variety of transactions, in person or online.

The first question from potential users usually surrounds the topic of security. In this technology, we can assure you that we will keep hackers out of the picture using a secure platform and built-in precautions. Certain high-level encryption is adopted to keep your money safer than ever.

Our banking partner will make sure the money and all transactions are well protected. We also make sure your personal data is safe and can never be retrieved by anyone other than yourself. For more questions related to the topic of security, contact us.

Getting back to the topic of currency and technology: we know evolution is happening in every aspect of our life. It’s time to change once more in the world or currency and exchange. The only difference is this new revolution with being simple, secure and easy.

We already employ the same methods and processes in our daily exchanges, but now it will finally meet our modern convenience needs. Gone are the days when you will need to keep track of numerous cards and accounts. Merge all of your accounts, cards, and cash into a single market card and become part of the new technology!

We are excited to keep our customers updated throughout the process of creating the smart card for our banking client. We will provide you with additional details and information as they come. In the meantime, take a look at our portfolio to view all our clients and working sites currently taking advantage of our products and services.

Do you have a breakthrough idea of your own? Many of our past and present clients share the same common traits: zeal for new ideas, re-creating processes and finding solutions to everyday issues and problems.

Are you a thought leader with a breakthrough idea? Maybe you have a simple fix to a small problem for a specific group or niche market. If you want cost-effective help, contact us for the most current solutions. Our team is equipped with not only the technical guidance but the business know-how to help make your idea a reality.

We’ve proven this by working with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as well-known brands and technology companies to create complete and quality websites, e-commerce platforms, apps, portals, and more.

For questions related to how you can take advantage of these platforms or our custom work, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com

We’d be happy to explain how our services and software works including any additional business need you may have.

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