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What You Need To Know Before Starting An eCommerce Marketplace?

by Milan Mathew
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It’s an overwhelming process to prepare for the launch of your eCommerce marketplace. The factors you have to consider before the launch is, Will your products get enough user attention?

Is your website looks good and does the user takes time to find out their things?

These are the things you have to take care of in the initial stages of your business:

Here are the most important things you have to note before you publish your eCommerce website. Do the below steps properly and launch your business without any hesitation.

  • Effective Marketing- Customer Acquisition Methods

Effective Marketing is one of the core aspects of any type of business. There are plenty of e-commerce businesses which have great products and a beautiful website but ultimately fail because they can’t attract people to their store. If there’s nobody to visit your store, then how can you expect to make any sales? Some of the effective marketing techniques are:

  1. Picking The Right Audience
  2. By Marketing Campaigns
  3. Marketing Channels With A Quick Feedback Loop
  •  Establish a Newsletter

Emailers and newsletters are amongst the key effective tools in online marketing. An email marketing campaign will put your new updates or blogs in the inbox of your subscriber on a regular basis. This opportunity can utilize to send coupons and discounts and provides other useful information. 

  • Get Set Up on Social Media

To run an eCommerce store you need a social media presence. Thus, people will find out your products and easy to get more audience.

  • Plan Your Shipping Options

Its always good to give flat offers for shipping to keep your customers. Shipping has the power to build or break your business. For drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about this, but for a business that manufactures products have to think about shipping before the launch.

  • Double Check Your Site

Before launching the website it is best to double-check the site one last time and take the maximum advantage of the time! Its time to recheck your site. Take your time and check your site before it goes live. Points to be considered are:

  1. Check all your links are working
  2. Make sure that you have informative product pages
  3. Add your Contact details
  4. Add your social media details
  • Plan the Announcement

Plan out the event by offering a discount throughout the website. Build your communities and post your new updates in social media in a regular basis. On the day of the launch make sure the plan is executed with maximum precision and accuracy at all places it has its presence online.

a shopping cart

No longer does someone need to manage a storefront in some strip mall in order to eke out a sliver of profit from retail sales, grinding away hours stocking shelves and making banks run?

Ready to start your own online business?

Learn How to Start eCommerce Marketplace?

Welcome to the new age of commercial transactions. Have you seen the guy in the local coffee shop sitting in the corner with his laptop?

He could organize his digital storefront, checking on the day’s sales from customers all over the world who have deposited their payments into his account, waiting to be collected. It’s a cliché to say that the internet has been revolutionary.

At this point, there is very little that the internet hasn’t revolutionized. More importantly, when it comes to being self-sufficient, this “revolution” has affected many people’s lives as it could yours.

Find out tips to sell online for yourself, direct from the e-commerce experts at iScripts.

iScripts.com is a “business model in a script” type of organization. We don’t create or retain a piece of software unless it makes sense from a business point of view. Our pride and joy are the MultiCart lines of software solutions and they make perfect sense for any online-centralized sales plan.

We’ve created a solution for all sizes and scope of business available. More importantly, we’ve created a new, easy-to-read graphic to find out which model works best for you. Check out our iScripts e-commerce solutions and tell us what you think!

During the initial days of eCommerce, we envisioned a very simple sales process; single vendor, single storefront, and single distributor.  As the shape of e-commerce is changing, product fulfillment is also taking a different shape

In 2006, Amazon Marketplace began to usher in a new era of “distributed eCommerce” and multiple vendors on a singular storefront. It was almost as if the retail giant was taking cues from the 2004 release of iScripts MultiCart – The multi-vendor shopping cart script!

Now, distributed e-commerce is evolving into a business model all with multiple sellers, multiple vendors, multiple branded storefronts, and multiple fulfillment models all managed by a single platform. This model has been successfully utilized by many kinds of marketers, resellers, and brick-and-mortar operations.

The dedicated team at iScripts has developed a massive, to-the-point, and highly compatible platform that is flexible enough for fulfilling business requirements with any form of product detailing. We challenge you to bring us an idea that this platform cannot manage!

iScripts believes in all the mentioned tips and worked to produce scripts for the customers to start off their online business easily. iScripts had developed a Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart– iScripts MultiCart.

The software focuses on the end user’s satisfaction by keeping the process easy, safe and keeping the user updated once the final product is done. We are proud owners of iScripts MultiCart serving as the base for many e-commerce websites that are functioning successfully today making it amongst the best solution for their e-commerce business.

iScripts MultiCart allows its users to get the site hosted online through iScripts Cloud or the user’s servers as its an open-source e-commerce platform. iScripts MultiCart is a global eCommerce and online store provider that entered the online marketplace is one of the top-class quality eCommerce shopping platform.

The software comes with a wide range of responsive themes and mobile applications to choose from.

iScripts MultiCart with its rich features and easy and user-friendly environment stands up as a unique eCommerce platform.

iScripts MultiCart: Mobile App
iScripts MultiCart comes with powerful iOS and Android mobile applications.

The Seller Application is for sellers to add and manage their products. At the same time, this also enables the buyers to view and browse products, and purchase them online in just a few steps.


Ready to create your own multi-vendor marketplace? Try out the Free Live DEMO: iScripts MultiCart right now! Check out the demo to receive a better understanding of the working of the application for your website in the online marketplace. Being the administrator the user will be able to configure the properties of the website in the backend.

So, it is always good to choose the right e-commerce software which can really help you to grow your business quickly within a very short span of time and iScripts MultiCart has been delivering the most needed features for the customers by knowing the current trend on e-commerce websites.

Always make sure to choose the best eCommerce platform to build your online store. The internet world has grown up to be too competitive, hence selecting an ideal e-commerce software that easily fulfills your business requirements.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the new and improved popular MultiCart platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

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