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Bartering Sites Expanding to Small Businesses

by Sheri Levitt

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Seen as being equivalent to flea markets and swap meets, bartering sites are commonly used by individual users.

These sites can easily build a sense of community among creatives, humanitarians and individuals looking to keep to a tight budget.

Despite the preconceptions, swapping sites are not just for the individual user anymore. There’s a growing online community engaged in small business bartering. Entrepreneurs lacking capital can trade goods and services, which will grow their businesses without exchanging funds.

Barter exchanges are usually for-profit businesses. “Barter dollars” or points are earned when a trader provides a good or service. Those dollars can then be used to purchase a commodity from another trader.

This system is great for businesses that are looking for services that can be provided remotely. Online business bartering is useful for those seeking a web designer, accountant, or marketing guru who doesn’t necessarily need to be in-state.

When businesses are looking to get rid of or acquire, seasonal goods, a bartering exchange is just the place.

To take advantage of the growing shift, you can build your own small business bartering site with iScripts eSwap.  The software has built-in functionalities to help make your site a success.  Features include:

Multiple Fee Options – Charge registration fees, success fees, listing fees, featured listing charges, create membership plans, or even make your site free if you wish.

FAQ integration – Offer your users a helpful and editable FAQ area, already equipped with preloaded entries to get you started.

Feedback Feature – Strengthen trust in your site and your sellers by allowing users to leave feedback after transactions.

Item Listing and Category Display – Add more images, provide better front-end listings and glossy pop-up selections

Admin Panel –  Be presented with statistical graphs and helpful information from the moment you sign in.

Search Bar –  Allow users to search for what they want.

Multiple Languages Supported – English, Spanish, German, and French come preloaded into the software as language options to allow your site to reach the audience you want it to.

Language Expandability – Do you wish to reach out to another market not preloaded with iScripts eSwap? Take advantage of our flexible language file system to add the language of your choice!

Points System – Features both a point, item, and cash transaction to accommodate any possible payment combination.

Design Themes Included – Help suit the most popular markets with custom-looking implementations without additional programming required.

Escrow Functionality – Commission calculation based on a range of product amount. If escrow is required for larger purchases, this new feature allows the admin to take a varied amount to suit the comfort of the site’s participants.

View the iScripts eSwap DEMO today!

Contact iScripts with any questions or customization requests you may have. Our customers have used eSwap to create a number of niche bartering sites.  iScripts eSwap can be used as a standalone solution to your site or modified to fit your exact needs. If you have an existing site, ask us how easy it is to integrate!


Rei October 14, 2012 - 5:50 pm

Do you have a barter system for services and trade dollars

admin November 28, 2012 - 11:36 am

Sorry for the delay. We can edit iScripts eSwap to fit your needs. The software would need to be tweaked, but it is set up in a similar way to what you are probably looking for. You may contact us at sales@iscripts.com or call 847.423.6728 to discuss possibilities and determine if they work for you.


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