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New Project Released by iScripts’ Dedicated Development Team

by Milan Mathew

dedicatedSome companies cannot find the exact features they need in available software packages. The software might not have the features needed for the specific business model or such software may not even exist at all. These organizations and individuals need to hire a team of dedicated programmers to develop the specific software they need to get started.

While this may sound costly or difficult to find, this dedicated programming service is one of the premium services offered by iScripts to serve the web-related needs of our customers. We have built a strong team of highly skilled professionals to help you tackle all types of projects and requests related to site development, engagement and development. This helps us to go above and beyond conventional servicing to provide much more with our expertise in e-commerce development, app development, and additional services. We take all aspects into account while creating solutions appropriate for your business or website.

LawRise: Recently Out From Our Dedicated Development Pool

What to know what we’ve been working on? LawRise is a recommendation engine for legal services, using a predictive algorithm to guide users to courses of action based on the specifics of their matter.

LawRise is the first of its kind by also containing an online legal directory of almost every lawyer in the United States. The lawyers will be listed in the website by the administrator and regardless of lawyer participation. The special search algorithm helps the users to find out the lawyers which are suitable for their own personal legal assistance. This impressive algorithm works in a way in which every lawyer is given a rating point out of 10, and the points are given based on the search inputs defined by the users. This ensures that the lawyers with higher suitability will have the greatest matches to the inputs defined by the user. Upon clicking on the lawyer listing, the user will be taken to a detailed profile page where the user will be presented with the contact information of the lawyer and other details such as fees, resumes, expertise and more.


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