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Automatically back up your hard drive online or local drive

by Kathy Hill

Aaahh hard drive backup. It is up there with flossing, balancing your checkbook. You know you should. But you don’t. There are a number of excuses. And one day it happens. It always happens when it’s most inappropriate. You stare at the computer for some time on the blue screen. Try rebooting it. Twice. Now you start panicking. Then you are into denial. No, this cannot happen to me. You kick yourself and the reality slowly sink in.. your hard drive is fried. AND YOU DON’T HAVE A BACKUP

What is the probability a hard drive will fail? It is one hundred percent. All hard drives will fail. No matter how important data you have on it. The only question is it fails on you. But you know that already. Don’t you?

If it’s so damn important to back up why people don’t do it? I will agree it is really difficult. Every day or every week to remember doing the backup. And wait to do nothing your computer is actually backing up. We all have lives. Who has time to do it?

Well, it’s changed. Now spend 5 minutes to set up the automated backup with BackupToNet, you don’t have to remember it ever again. This new automated powerful software will keep doing it for you. How do you want to set up the backup? You can backup your hard drive to the same drive, another drive, a network drive or an online server. The security of the backup is in the order of same drive, another drive, a network drive or an online server. Which method you want to do depends on what if you lose the data? What’s it worth to you?

Backing up on the same drive has some protection. If you delete something by accident you will have a backup to go back. If you only one drive on your computer that’s one way. But if your hard drive fried you lose your data and backup. But its better than nothing.

You can download the software from BackupTonet.com and set up to do a backup every day, every night, once in two days, once a week, month whatever.

If you have only one drive, Go buy one. Hard drives are pretty cheap nowadays. So if you have 2 drives use one as the primary drive and another one as the secondary drive. Download backUPToNet from HERE and select the folders you want to back up. Then select the backup drive as the destination. Select a when you want to do the backup automatically. It would be fine if you select to do the backup every day say 2 am. If you are a night owl lets make it say 5 am. Point select is a time when you are not using the computer.

Backing up to another drive offers more protection than backing up to the same drive. If one drive is hosed you have the other one to protect your data. Still, there are some situations when you can lose both drives. If operating decides, its time, you are in trouble. So you need to protect some of your valuable data in another location. Information that must want to retain. Things like financial info, home works, creative works, emails etc..

For that added security you need an online backup solution. Surprise… surprise.. Backup2Net can help out here too. If you don’t have much of the junk you can select the free backup plan, which gives you 100MB server space. You can sign up for the free plan. If you need more space you can select from different plans and choose enough space.

In the same BackupToNet client you can set up online backup also. If the previous example you set up a daily backup at 2 am to the backup drive. No,w lets set up an online backup. Select a new backup job in the software. Select the folders you must protect as the source. For the destination select online backup. Now select to do the backup say every Wednesday at 3am or 4 am .

That’s it you are all set. The automated online backup software will take backup of your precious data every day to the secondary drive and every week to the online server. If something backup happens you can restore selected files with a click of a button. Happy backing Up!

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