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Auction Sites: Start Your Own Auction Site – Overnight

by Kathy Hill

The auction is a type of marketing strategy that enhances growth in a business. Online auction business model is one in which participants bid for products or services over the Internet which is considered to be a very successful marketing strategy.

Online auction or bidding sites are growing increasingly in popularity for purchasing virtually anything and everything! Consumers are purchasing products ranging from used cooking utensils all the way to limited, valuable art. Essentially, anyone with a little free time and a little startup money can create an online auction or marketplace business.

Here’s how to start your online auction business:

1.      Get some information on the online auction business!
Typically, online auction sites are willing to supply sellers and buyers with demos or tutorials for potential vendors who are investing time in learning or using their system. It is absolutely necessary to gain knowledge of the auction site’s rules before creating your online business or store. For a more interactive or actual learning experience, it is useful to buy a couple of items that are low in cost which you can later list and sell yourself or simply keep your eye on a few auctions. In the time that you spend mastering the system, you will gain the knowledge necessary to receive great rewards and benefits, especially when your first item successfully sells.

2.      Determine what you are going to sell.
Select items that are intriguing to you and these items should have a more broad appeal. If you’re an active reader, you can sell books that have a high demand or are rare. If you are an avid shopper for your family or grandchildren, you can set up an online kid’s clothing store. In the past, sellers have had the greatest success with products that they are more familiar with, have knowledge about, actually buy the products themselves, and are interested in conversing about these items.

3.      Know your competition!
Figure out who else is selling the same items in the marketplace or on the auction site and try to gauge their level of success or estimate their sales. If the goods that you choose to sell are not actually selling, they may not have a high demand or may not be appealing to consumers.

In some cases, the current sellers simply set reserve prices much too high, do not present or showcase the items in a flattering manner, or have issues with payment processing. Some do not havecostomer friendly return policies which can scare off buyers. If some vendors are finding success, check out the listings on their pages and use their principles and practices to create a strong auction site.

In some cases, there may not be a market with customers who would like to purchase the product or if the internet and that particular site is flooded with your products, consider finding a similar area or industry of products that are not as saturated.

4.      Create a seller account.
The first step to setting up your page is to sign up for a user account which usually involves choosing a store or vendor name. At this point, you will need to enter in all of your personal information. Then, you may want to sign up for a payment processing or merchant account such as Paypal. Be sure to read all terms and conditions before choosing a payment processor as well as actually registering. Paypal has their own secure server to connect to for transactions so they are a very popular choice.

5.      Begin small.
Make sure to test your store before making a huge investment. Begin by selling some low-cost items or different items from your house that you no longer use. This is important to practice creating listings, marketing, processing, and shipping orders. After the initial test products, you will figure out what practices are most successful and what is not prior to investing your money as well as time. 

6.      Develop product listings that attract customers and know your market!
Make sure the images of your products are visually flattering and organize the items appropriately. Always create detailed as well as complete and accurate descriptions including things such as the product’s dimensions.

Clearly explain your accepted payment methods, available shipping methods, and your store’s policy on returns to prevent negative feedback from the buyer. Typically, the most successful sellers will charge a standard, flat rate for shipping any of their products. They will also accept various forms of payment including all major credit cards and of course, the most widely accepted processor, PayPal.

7.      Keep calm!
It is hard for any business to take off immediately, let alone an online business! Sometimes it takes time to receive those high volume buyers that you hoped for. It is more important to build loyal customers and have some sort of buyer retention. Regularly review your business and make chages based on the feedback given to you by customers as well as your own observations.
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Online auctions are a big reason consumers can go online to purchase items and services below market value. Online auctions have also allowed people to establish primary or secondary sources of income by selling their new or used products and services. Properly establishing an online auction house will allow you freedom and flexibility to operate anywhere in the world.


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