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iScripts Acquired KickApps.com

by Mariya Parackal
appreseller merged kickapps

We have news for you!!

iScripts has completed the acquisition of the leading open-source mobile app marketplace KickApps.com

iScripts believe that the ‘acquisition’ of KickApps will bring new mobile apps to its publishing platform. It will help to increase exposure across mobile devices while enhancing the social networking strategies of businesses. These apps can also be tailored to fit the individual needs of companies if needed.

KickApps was a social networking software for clients looking to develop their online communities. The business helps a wide range of well-known companies and brands, From social marketing to customer support to knowledge-sharing networks of employees. 

KickApps provides on-demand social media applications that enable web publishers and marketers to grow, engage, and monetize online audiences.

KickApps was a SaaS platform that provides a range of social media applications to website developers. It accelerates the deployment of more sophisticated and costly applications such as social networking, user-generated content, media management, and sharing, social marketing solutions, premium video players, widgets, etc.

In 2020 Kickapps.com merged with AppReseller marketplace for private labeled open-source mobile apps for businesses and social communities. It was founded in 2018 as a mobile development agency. The apps were designed to save time and financial resources for businesses instead of built from scratch.  

AppReseller merged with KickApps to create a marketplace for mobile apps with a focus on social and cloud communities. 

Some exciting apps now available in KickApps are:

iscripts acquired kickapps

See more apps at KickApps

Even though these apps are all premade, they can also be tailored to fit your individual needs. 

The app will be branded with your own company name, logo, images, questions, locations, content, splash screen, icons, and product data. After downloading the app and scanning barcodes, users can engage with your business by using the app as intended.

If you would like to expand mobile options for your site, you can also consider creating a custom mobile app.  Even though this may sound intimating to some, it is not that difficult to develop an app if you use a white-label version.

Give your company the freedom and flexibility to launch an app without the headache of design and development. Get all the benefits of having an app and none of the risk or expense involved in developing from scratch.

Current and new KickApps customers are encouraged to contact the iScripts team with any questions, at 1-800-569-5538 and sales@iscripts.com.

Do you have your own Mobile App idea?

Let us know how we can create your custom app or browse the available selection at KickApps product listing.

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