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How to Start an eCommerce Marketplace Like Amazon?

by Mariya Parackal
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We know that Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce website and the best online marketplace giant. Some of you might have thought of building an eCommerce business like Amazon.

Having an online marketplace store like Amazon is now easy with Amazon Clone Script. The script is specially designed for both website and app that helps to cover a larger audience of your business.

Amazon Business Model

Amazon is the best online merchant on the planet. Its business model is one of the nicest platforms for merchants to sell and purchase products. Amazon charge commission from third-party sellers. These commissions differ for different types of goods sold.

The company will take part in the business cost as commission. Most of the customers visit the Amazon site by accepting the fact that their products are more affordable and instantly accessible to buy and to ship.

  • Amazon Books
  • Third-Party Sellers 
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Media and Content
  • Amazon prime
  • Amazon Kindle Family
  • Amazon Gaming
  • Amazon Market Place

Amazon Marketplace

Millions of buyers and sellers are connecting in Amazon Marketplace each day. It pairs multi-seller eCommerce technology with proper selling standards and the result is something that attracts both buyers and sellers. Amazon charges its sellers to advertise and promote their brands and products by listing them on the top of the search results. 

Amazon Marketplace is an online network of third-party sellers that permits to use Amazon as a platform to sell their products for profits. It offers customers a wide range of choices from external sellers. Before starting your eCommerce business you need to consider the factors of Commerce business.

In Amazon, the products are sold by Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) or Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), the third-party sellers. FBA goods are stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and FBM goods are kept in the third-party seller’s inventory. In FBM, shipping and customer service are handled by the third-party merchant while in FBA, it is handled by Amazon.

What Amazon Marketplace Offers?

  • The major crucial thing delivers by Amazon Marketplace is Buyers. Amazon is designed specifically for customers and it gives exactly what customers want. When you become a third party seller on Amazon Marketplace, the moment you’re part of  Amazon shopping experience.
  • Amazon Marketplace is a nutshell. Its customer-centric model keeps customers to visit the website again and again. So, to succeed in the Amazon marketplace third-party sellers must have to meet exact standards for higher rankings and increased sales. Sellers have to deliver quality images for accuracy and to prompt customer service. 

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amazon clone script

Amazon Customer Value Proposition

  • Low Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • Vast selection

Convenience, speed, and choice are the three core benefits that makeup Amazon’s unique selling proposition. 

What are the factors that drive customers to purchase from Amazon? 

  • Price
  • Prime Benefits
  • Convenience 
  • Fast shipping
  • Selection 
  • Reliability
  • Reviews
  • Easy Returns

Competitors of Amazon

  • eCommerce
  • Traffic and Online Advertising
  • Cloud Computing
  • Media Segment

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How to Start an eCommerce Marketplace Business Like Amazon?

amazon clone script

Thinking of starting your own store?

iScripts MultiCart is a platform where multiple vendors can sign up and list their own products, where you can set commission for each sale.  It works well in niche markets where vendors are fragmented and low in volume. Aside from this method, there are also a few extra ways for you to make money and turn a profit using the script.

iScripts MultiCart, an opensource PHP script, was developed around the Amazon business model.  If you are looking to create, operate and own a site similar to Amazon, consider an Amazon clone script like iScripts MultiCart.

iScripts Multicart takes only a few minutes to install and vendors can quickly add items, adjust the price, upload pictures and more. You as the site administrator can provide operational and e-commerce marketing support in exchange for a commission.  

When consumer purchases from the store, vendors receive a notification with a shipping address and instructions. Once customers receive the item, the site administrator releases payment to the vendor.

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Another highlight of MultiCart is its powerful administrator section where you manage all aspects of the store. 

Below are some of the features iScripts MultiCart that comes with:

  • Affiliate program integration

An integrated affiliate program enables you to market the site to users effectively.

  • Multiple Payment Processors

Our product comes with world-class payment providers like Authorize.net, Google Checkout, WorldPay and YourPay are built in where users can pay using Credit cards. PayPal split payment is also an option included in MultiCart.

The entire script is open source so you can customize your site right away or at any point in the future. If you want to change design or functionality and add your own features, iScripts can accomplish this by customizing your script. If you have a PHP programmer of your own, he/she can also edit the software too, as it is open source. See the iScripts solutions for the proven business model.

Besides significantly cutting costs, you will save time and energy deciding on features and how to explain them to programmers if your site was built from scratch.  The Amazon clone script was developed already knowing the best features and necessary functionality to include.

Check out the available software packages and build a profitable eCommerce business of Multi-Vendor shopping cart and its compatible mobile versions.

amazon clone script

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