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Alibaba Clone Script

by Aji Abraham
Alibaba Clone Script

Alibaba is an eCommerce and largest business to business platform for small businesses.  

Did you know this successful marketplace sees more profit than eBay and Amazon combined?

Why is this?

A major factor is contributed to the fact that the site possesses 3 major marketplaces – domestic business-to-business trade in China, small buys for wholesale prices and one for importers and exporters from more than 240 regions.

Do you know what will be the future of eCommerce business?

Creating a site with the same money-making potential is possible.  So how can you create a site like Alibaba at a reasonable price?… By using an Alibaba clone script.

How to build an online marketplace like Alibaba?

When you take advantage of an affordable and time-saving software package such as iScripts MultiCart, a script similar to Alibaba can be up and running in no time.

iScripts MultiCart is the clone script of Alibaba that comes packed with sought-after marketplace features such as payment, shipping, and Google AdSense integration. The platform contains built-in review and feedback sections and full purchase and eCommerce capabilities such as electronic gift cards, refunds, and special promotion functionality.  

All sellers have their own Seller Page in which they can feature a brand or store image, summary, and all products offered. Sellers may be contacted at any time with the click of a button. iScripts MultiCart makes it possible for your Alibaba clone to run in an automated mode if desired.

As all sellers and vendors handle the products and shipping, you could set the store to automatically process requests and simply check-in from time to time to check up on operations. See the factors to consider before starting the eCommerce business.

Another Alibaba clone script is iScripts MultiCart Enterprise. While the standard MultiCart allows you to start with a basic version of Alibaba, the Enterprise script takes your business a step further by allowing you to create multiple sites that can connect to a single database.  

If you choose to operate your business similar to Alibaba by incorporating 3 types of trade that will require different platforms and marketing, the Enterprise solution is for you. You can have these storefronts and sites run independently but still connected to your main database and inventory, adding resellers, merchants or affiliates is you wish.

Features of Alibaba Clone Script

If you are using iScripts MultiCart to build the online marketplace see the features of this Alibaba clone script:

  • Multiple merchants in a single store
  • Admin and sellers can upload images and products
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Customizable Templates
  • Free shipping is available
  • Options to add coupon codes in the store

Know more features of Multicart and try to build your online b2b marketplace.

If you are using iScripts MutiCart Enterprise to build the leading online b2b trade marketplace see the features of Multicart Enterprise:

  • It supports multiple storefronts
  • Separate control panels and product managers for merchants and resellers
  • Ready-to-go shopping cart with promo codes
  • Option to add unlimited users, vendors, products, etc
  • Integrated shipping solutions

Know more features of Multicart Enterprise and try to build an online b2b business using this Alibaba clone script.

Since these Alibaba clone scripts are built with open source PHP code, you can edit or modify your site at any time in the future.  If you do not have a php programmer, the team at iScripts can make any desired changes to the software for you.

Do you want to see the websites created using iScripts Multicart? Here are some examples of Multicart.

With iScripts MultiCart or iScripts MultiCart Enterprise, you can create your own website similar to Alibaba for a fraction of the time and cost.

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