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6 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion

by Sheri Levitt

It goes without saying that any website owner should always look to improve their site. These six valuable tips should always be in mind when taking steps to make any site easier to use, more efficient, stickier to the visitor, and a better site overall.

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  • Call To Action

    When someone “Google’s” your site, they want to know right away whether your website is what they were searching for. If your website homepage has an effective “Call to Action,” the whole site’s explanation in a single line or a visual stimulation to keep the visitor on your site, that would be a powerful signal to the visitor that they have arrived at the correct place. Ultimately, this will help to improve visitor “time on site’ and opportunity for interaction or a sale significantly.

  • Know Your USP
    Your Unique Selling Point sets you apart from your competition. Your USP’s may be great customer service, low prices, products that can’t be bought elsewhere, free delivery, great support or other attractive qualities that your competition lacks. Take time to tell your customers what your USP is and you will be rewarded with repeat business. Customers remember visiting sites that are the best.
  • Optimize Website Load Time
    Use “Combined files” to reduce the number of HTTP requests and the number of image requests throughout the site. CSS sprites are very much preferred for this. Ask your webmaster to go for image maps and inline images as those will reduce the overall number of HTTP requests for your website. It is commonly known that the faster your website loads, the more it will attract your visitors to stay and read your information further. iScripts products are fully optimized for this process and have undergone hundreds of hours of testing to ensure the best customer experience possible.
  • Make The Customer’s Life Easy
    A well-designed website should aim to assist anyone to buy from your site. Following are some basic items that will make the user’s life inside your website easier and your website a “user-friendly champion”:

    • Accessibility- Make the website accessible by identifying areas that could be viewed as problematic for challenged individuals. Although it may be viewed as a trivial task, an inaccessible website may affect your sales.
    • Browsers- 45% of the site’s users use Internet Explorer and 30% use Firefox. While your site should be optimized for these two leaders, do not lose your sales from the customers using other browsers like Apple’s Opera, Google’s Chrome and smaller browsers.
    • Be Bold- Use bold, eye-catching buttons or links for the major action controllers of the website. Make it simple for your visitors to figure where to go and they will thank you for it.
    • Usability- give your customer a clean transparent interface and working pattern of your website. If you sell products, your buyers should have detailed technical specs, chat, ticket system and other interactive options to know more about the business and products.
    • All iScripts.com products are fully tested and optimized for customer-friendly user experiences.
  • Elegant and professional design web page
    The more your website can attract your visitors to stay for a longer time, the higher your conversion rate will be.  If your design can reveal what you do on a website, it will increase the rate of conversion. Perfect use of theme for your blog, colors for the screen background, text, and “look and feel” designs for your website will surely persist in the mind of the customer that your website is appealing and reflective. At iScripts.com, we pride ourselves on the quality of design services available for customized software packages. Visit iScripts.com for more information.
  • Contact Forms To Increase Leads
    Think about putting a small contact form and a small offer above that will definitely increase the number of leads periodically. If you are just using a phone number on every page, there is nothing there to block your customers from contacting you.

If you have more questions about what professionals do to keep the visitors coming back to their sites, contact iScripts.com for more information!

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