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5 Tips for Making Your Website Memorable

by Aji Abraham

People spend hours browsing the web, clicking here and there, stopping on a page and quickly moving on.  What makes them linger on a page?  What makes them want to come back?  Unfortunately, people don’t always remember a website because it had excellent content, great products, or impeccable services.  People need a reason to remember and a way to remember.  Here we present four tips for making sure your website is remembered so that people can come back and appreciate its incredible content.

1. Create a catchy, easy-to-remember name and web address

A catchy, witty name will stick in people’s mind for days to come.  People may not remember “Joe’s Store” even if it had the greatest products simply because the name is too generic.  If someone can remember the title of your website they will be able to search for it in the future.  Similarly, an easy web address can make all the difference.  Keeping your web address short without any long strings of numbers will allow people to jump right to your website.  This is especially helpful if the keywords for your business are highly competitive in the world of search engines.

2. Develop a Unique, Identifiable Logo

The target bulls-eye, the Facebook F, and the Nike Swoosh are all examples of the power of a simple, identifiable logo.  A logo can set your company apart from the rest, but only if it is customer friendly.  Overly complicated logos with multiple pictures and colors get lost in a viewer’s mind, so keeping your logo crisp yet unique can establish you as a professional, credible company.

3. Use an effective layout and color scheme

A website equipped with ten different fonts, fifteen colors, flashing banners, and sound effects that blow out your ears will not gain any popularity.  Neither will a black and white webpage with font size twelve, double-spaced, one-inch margin Times New Roman type.  The color scheme and layout of your page should reflect the goals of your company.  If you are selling baby products your layout can include pastel colors and little fuzzy animals.  This same layout would not be as effective for a tattoo and piercing shop per say.  Also, make sure to not overwhelm visitors with too much content at one time.  Break up the layout so it is easy to skim and comprehend.

4. Add extra features

Pictures, videos, moving animations, and slogans can enhance the quality of your webpage.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so adding a few can’t hurt.  Images will stick in a viewer’s mind.  Videos generate interest and convince the viewer to stick around a little longer.

5. Maintain your website

Once you develop your website and launch it, it’s important to maintain your website. You need to make sure the content is up-to-date, the site is fast to load and free from missing pages and broken links. There are a number of content management software out there to making maintaining your website easy. There are a number of website maintenance services like SitePlanner.com if you do not have anybody internally to maintain your website.

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