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5 Reasons Your Social Network Can Succeed

by Aji Abraham

5. Your network contains specific, user generated content.

Since all of the users of your social network are focused on one niche, each of them can produce unique content.  Postings build off one another and all members interact on message boards and blogs.  Your brand becomes more valuable as more people build the content of your network around your purpose.

4. Your social network has specific niche, not a general audience.

Facebook attracts everyone from the knitting grandma to the high school quarterback to the middle-aged father of four.  These users may have nothing in common with each other and nothing in common with you.  On your social network, all of the users have interest in a specific idea, purpose, or item, eliminating the need to wrestle apathetic individuals.

3. Your social network has a captive audience.

On your own social network, people aren’t receiving updates from hundreds of fan pages on hundreds of topics.  Attention is undivided allowing your communication to take the spotlight.

2. Communication is limited on Facebook.

You carefully generate an update your fans will surely want to see.  You submit the post and it affixes itself to newsfeeds everywhere, sandwiched between pictures and status updates.  Minutes later your post falls off the bottom of the newsfeed, never to be viewed by the Facebook newsfeed skimmer.  On Facebook you cannot send messages, pictures, or emails directly to your fans.  The lack of direct, varied contact with your audience hinders successful communication.

1. Fan pages on Facebook force you to share users’ attention.

Yes, you can create a Facebook fan page and reach out to millions.  Yes, so can everyone else.  With the number of fan pages increasing daily, you must fight for the attention of your fans.

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