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5 Tips to Maximize Online Holiday Shopping Sales

by Sheri Levitt

a white mouseConsumers will be visiting e-commerce sites to search for holiday gifts and deals very soon! The most traditional start to holiday buying is the now feared, Black Friday! This is the day of massive sales that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. In the previous year, Black Friday sales carried onto the following Monday, “Cyber Monday”, which actually made up 18% of total online holiday shopping. U.S. online sales soared over $1 billion on Cyber Monday alone!

Take a look at your marketing and delivery plans for the year’s most lucrative shopping time! Here came up with a few quick tips to get the most from this season:

  1. Never Forget the Perks of Free Shipping – Users are more willing to make a purchase, especially around the holiday season, if there is free shipping. Many people are actually assuming they will have to pay a few more bucks for shipping, but they will really appreciate free shipping. Sometimes this helps them take advantage of the promotion and those few dollars contribute to them buying a few extra items, not on their list!
  2. Send Out A Carefully Constructed E-Mail – Send out a holiday-oriented newsletter with creative content. Perfectly timed, holiday-oriented content is generally well-received by the general public. This is a way for you to show off special deals and limited products. It also assists customers by providing additional visual ideas for gifts. These e-mails make your promotions known and tell your customers when they are available for a limited time. You can also promote gift cards!
  3. Decorate and Design! – Your homepage should be creatively decorated and attractive. It should also feature products that are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Design the page with some seasonal holiday banners! Keep that holiday look and cheer consistent within all forms of communication across your page.
  4. Functionality – Consumers are not patient. It is not unreasonable however for them to expect a page to load within two seconds. They must be able to find what they are looking for with ease and right away. Premeditate and account for a spike in traffic by making sure your site’s speed and functionality is optimized.
  5. Provide Quality Service – Provide customers with the absolute best service you can even more so around this time of year. It is important for any size business, but especially small businesses to give quality service as well as attention in order to make a lasting impression and develop a loyal customer. Make sure the details are planned and organized so that you can increase profits by growing your site as well as customers.

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