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10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Blog For Free

by Noyal Sharook

Are you worried about not getting a high amount of traffic to your blog?

Just writing content is not enough to promote your blog to increase traffic.

But don’t worry, in this article I will tell you about 10 ways for you to promote your blog for free.

Yes!! You heard it right, you can do blog promotion for free.

It is important that you reach your target audience and this can only be done with promotion.

So, Let’s jump in to see how you can promote your blog without paying a penny.

Blogging has a misconception that you can only get targeted traffic if you use paid promotion, but that is not true.

There are multiple ways that bloggers can reach their desired audience without needing to spend money.

Now let’s take a look at what they are!

Social Media

I can’t stress enough about how vital it is to use social media as a platform for promotion and growth.

Billions of people around the world are attached to the different social media platforms and are using them to voice their thoughts.

Social media platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more have given bloggers a platform to share their thoughts and reach their target audience through it.

Posting blog posts and sharing them on social media can increase the prospect of reaching your desired audience.

Things to keep in mind while promoting on social media:

  • Blog posting has to be frequent
  • Relevant data attracts relevant audience
  • Use hashtags on social media to drive the relevant user attention to your post
  • Join pages and make groups with users that have interests within your particular niche

Email Marketing

A Conventional yet effective method of increasing blog traffic is through email marketing.

Using email marketing you can keep track of exactly who is in your email list, and have more people join by having an email subscribe form on your website.

You can also maximise email by adding a link to your blog in your email signature.

Things to keep in mind while driving traffic via email marketing:

  • Always create an email list, and only send emails to people who have subscribed to receive your emails.
  • Never send spam emails to people who have not subscribed as this will give your brand a bad name.
  • If you don’t have an in-house email marketing team, you can use tools that are available for free, these include: Mailchimp and MailerLite.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the most effective way to generate blog traffic.

In Guest blogging, bloggers who have just started or who want to get more traffic can request to submit an article that they have written to a well established website that is in their niche.

By doing this the guest bloggers are taking advantage of the traffic the established website already has.

Initially it can be challenging for budding bloggers to get the approval for the guest blog post.

But it will change and always focus on the value you are adding to their blog.

Things to keep in mind while guest blogging:

  • Always request for the post which would add some value to their blog
  • Pitching for approval becomes easy when you are selling an idea.

Share Interactive Videos On YouTube

YouTube is another platform which is being used by many bloggers to expand the audience that they can reach.

Bloggers can make a more personal connection with their audience through video.

You can turn your blog posts into videos and share them on YouTube to grow your audience.

Consistently making videos will help you to reach your target audience.

Things to keep in mind while making YouTube videos:

  • Have the same branding & name on your YouTube channel that you have on your blog, so that you can be recognised.
  • Start with simple videos that you can post regularly.

Implement SEO

SEO is an organic way for your website to rank on Google for relevant keywords.

Some examples of tasks which websites follow while implementing SEO include: optimizing titles, images, URLs, etc with your chosen keywords.

The better the website’s SEO, the faster it will rank in Google for high volume keywords – which will lead to an increase in traffic organically.

Things to keep in mind while doing SEO:

  • Have a plan in place BEFORE starting the work. This will allow better implementation of the strategy.
  • While SEO is important for any website, it’s important to not overdo it, as Google may blacklist your website.

Answer Questions On Quora

On platforms like Quora, people ask questions that they are looking to find a genuine answer for.

That’s why, bloggers can look for questions which are relevant to an article on their website and simply answer the question while subtly mentioning a link to the article on their site.

Things to keep in mind while using Forums:

  • Don’t spam, forums like Quora are strictly against spamming, and doing so will lead to your answer(s) getting deleted from the website. Don’t let your efforts go to waste due to an avoidable mistake!
  • Don’t forget to subtly mention the link to your blog within the post / answer that you are writing.

Do you have a published article on your website which is relevant to the article you are writing?

Link back to that article!

This increases the chances of a reader to interact with more content on your website instead of dropping off from the first article that they read.

That could only lead to positive results, right?

Things to keep in mind while creating internal links:

  • Only link articles which are relevant to the article you are writing.

Use Images And Infographics

Just having written content can make readers lose interest.

Using images and infographics will keep users engaged when reading your articles.

People are unlikely to read every word of an article, so using infographics will help them to get an idea of your whole post.

Images increase the quality and make your blog more interesting to read.

Images and infographics together increase the value of your blog.

Things to keep in mind while adding Images and Infographics:

  • Free tools like Canva are available for creating interesting infographics.
  • Add images to old articles if you haven’t, and add to new ones as you go.

Use Intriguing Titles

Titles play a critical role in whether a user will click through to read your article.

That’s why, the title of each article needs to be exciting and something that a user will be intrigued to click onto.

Things to keep in mind while writing the title:

  • Make sure that it is straight to the point and precise.
  • Be unique so that your article will stand out from others.
  • Write with the reader’s intent in mind.

Blog Contest / Giveaway

Being creative will give you an edge over your competitors.

Always try to do things that other bloggers in your niche are not doing.

This will help you to stand out in your market and make promotion easier.

Running a contest or a giveaway is one way in which your target audience can participate and interact with your blog.

Things to keep in mind while creating a Blog Contest:

  • All the planning should be done before hand to save you from confusion.
  • Plan the contest with your end goal in mind.

Take your time and start with just one or two of these techniques so that you can see the real results.

You must remember that getting traffic to your content is more difficult than it is to actually make it.

Simply having content is useless if you have no audience that will see it.

Start using our methods to promote your blog for free, and watch the results fly in.

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