iScripts AutoHoster


1. What is iScripts AutoHoster?
iScripts AutoHoster allows you to create a web hosting business by installing the software on your server. The software contains impressive features such as a support ticket system, live site builder, remote desktop sharing and live chat, as well as customizable site modes, operations and payment gateways. We created our software to be the most powerful and accurate domain registration and hosting management solution available.

2. How secure and scalable is iScripts AutoHoster?
The feature-packed iScripts AutoHoster software is very stable and reliable. We included all of the latest PCI requirements and adhere to professional standards while creating all software packages. iScripts AutoHoster can also support your business as it grows. Our scalable solution supports unlimited users, plans and functionality.

3. Where can I evaluate and test iScripts AutoHoster for myself?
We encourage you to try the software using the iScripts AutoHoster online demo. You can find the demo at:

4. Can you install iScripts AutoHoster for me?
Yes. If you find that you are stumped within the process of installing the software on your server, we can perform the installation for $49.95. You can purchase installation during your initial purchase or at a later time.

5. Which payment processors are supported?
iScripts AutoHoster supports PayPal,, 2Checkout and LinkPoint. Once you create accounts with these payment gateways, you can successfully integrate them with your software to receive payments.

6. Do I need a SSL or secure server to operate iScripts AutoHoster?
If you are using a credit card processor as your payment method, you will need a secure server. However, if you are using PayPal, the program automatically connects to PayPal's secure server for credit card transactions.

7. Is iScripts AutoHoster's source code encrypted?
No, iScripts AutoHoster's source code is not encrypted. This allows you to modify your software at any time. If you have PHP knowledge, you may do this yourself. If you do not have a programmer, iScripts can customize the software for you at a reasonable cost. Contact or call 1-800-569-5538 for more information.

8. Which types of billings are supported by iScripts AutoHoster?
The iScripts AutoHoster web hosting software supports recurring, anniversary and one-time billing. Choose your preferences within your Administrator panel.

9. What if I need different features, functionality or design changes?
Once you purchase iScripts software, the code is yours. This means you can make changes at any time. If you feel you will need to edit your script, you may have another programmer take a look and edit it or request a customization quote for iScripts. Contact us by emailing or calling 1-800-569-5538.

10. Do I need a domain reseller account to use iScripts AutoHoster?
As iScripts AutoHoster uses third parties, you should have an eNom, Directi or GoDaddy reseller account to use iScripts AutoHoster. If you would like, we can give you an eNom reseller account free of cost.

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