iScripts AuctionLogic


1. What is iScripts AuctionLogic?
iScripts AuctionLogic is a fast, powerful and accurate web based billing solution.

2. Is iScripts AuctionLogic stable and reliable?
Yes.iScripts AuctionLogic is very stable and reliable and is used by a number of customers worldwide.

3. How and where can I evaluate iScripts AuctionLogic?
Fully functional iScripts AuctionLogic online demo is available at :

4.Can you install iScripts AuctionLogic for me?
Yes. We can do the installation for you for $49.95.

5. Which payment processor is supported?
iScripts AuctionLogic supports, Paypal, WorldPay and Your Pay. Besides other payment methods like postal order, bank transfer etc are also supported.

6. Do I need a secure server?
Yes , for the credit card payments to be secure you will need a secure server.

7. Is iScripts AuctionLogic's source code encrypted?
No. iScripts AuctionLogic's source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify them to suit your requirements.

8.What are the different types of billing supported?
iScripts AuctionLogic supports recurring, anniversary and one time billing.

9. Where can I use iScripts AuctionLogic?
You can use iScripts AuctionLogic as the billing system for any industry that provides services to its clients. Typically its perfect for childcare centers, hosting, IT companies,subscript websites, answering services and other business services.

10. What if I need a customization of the script?
As iScripts AuctionLogic codes are not encrypted you are free to modify them to suit your requirement. In case you want us to customize the script for you , please contact

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