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Ready to go technology platforms to start and scale your businesses

We help bring your startup idea to life. Our powerful technology platforms make your time to market almost zero. You can get started with your website or mobile apps with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, and powerful analytics panels in no time. Our customization team can help you make any necessary changes to these feature-rich platforms. Our 24/7 customer support helps you whenever you have a question or issue.

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Turnkey Platforms

All iScripts platforms are turnkey in nature. You can get your platform up and running within a few hours. All you have to do is configure them with your business data.

Free Installation

Your website/mobile app can be operational in just a few hours. If you prefer not to handle the installation yourself, we offer it for free.

Companion Apps

It's not just web platforms alone; most platforms also have their mobile apps available. So, you have the option to get white labelled mobile apps as well.

Option to Customize

We do not encrypt our software. You are free to customize it to meet your business needs. If you need help, we have our customization team at your disposal.

White Label Solutions

iScripts platforms are available as whitelabel solutions. So your customers will only see your brand, not ours.

Exceptional Tech Support

We provide dependable technical support for your web and mobile applications to assist you with any problems you may encounter.



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Your Very own Development Team

Think of the iScripts customization team as your personal development team, led by your dedicated Account Manager. They’ll make it their business to learn everything about your business View More.

Professional Experience

iScripts employees are well educated with more than five years of technology experience. They are extensively screened and given further training in-house. They have experience in setting-up, customizing, and optimizing the product to any level as required.Our server management and DevOps team can advise and manage all your cloud and other infrastructure needs.

Responsive Support

Have a question? No problem. Send your Account Manager an email, and they will respond by email or call you at a convenient time.


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Converting an idea into a successful business demands a lot of domain knowledge, technical proficiency, deep understanding, and dedication. Our technology platforms and frameworks can help your startup ideas hit the market in 60% less time compared to developing them from scratch. We follow the steps below to turn your idea into a successful business:

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1. Concept
We validate your idea by working on prototypes, proof of concepts, and testing against the market segment.
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2. Analysis
With the help of wireframes, SOW, etc., we analyze the idea to give it a shape for implementation.
Designing of User Interface
3. Design
The UX/UI team will work to create interfaces that will engage your audience in the best way possible.
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4. Develop
The functionalities are added to the pre-designed interfaces programmatically, giving life to your startup idea.
Quality Assurance
5. QA
We carry out unit testing, integration testing, speed testing, security testing, and load testing to make sure the product is ready for market.
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6. Launch
We will help you with deployment in the most optimized cloud platforms for seamless working of the application function.


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