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  12-20-10 11:10pm Custom fields questions

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I've successfully added a custom field and now I want to edit the custom field data for my users that have already registered. The help doc has this info:
Editing the Custom Field Data

Editing the custom field data can be done by following the steps from 1 to 7

1. Click on the icon graphic
2. Displays the "Custom Field Data" Editing screen.
3. Select the user from the drop menu.
4. Custom field data of that particular user is displayed.
5. Make the necessary changes.
6. Click on the "Update" button to finish editing.
7. You will get "Custom Field Data Updated Successfully" message.

but I do not see the icon to click on? I only see the edit button, trash button and an enable/disable button. How do I add data to this field?

Second question - I would like this custom field to be a drop down button instead of just a txt field. I would like to supply them with the possible selections for this field. Is this possible?


  12-23-10 12:54pm Re: Custom fields questions

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Once you have created a custom field and enabled it through the admin panel it will be displayed in the user registration field. Through the custom field you will have the option of creating a text area or a text box. In order to make the custom field displayed in the user registration page, please make sure you select the check box corresponding to "Enable Checkbox to display the custom field in home page" option. Once it is done, it will be displayed in the user registration page.

Coming to your second question of creating a drop down box, we can do it with a customization.

I hope this helped. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Shiju,<br /> iScripts Support

  07-26-12 3:22am Re: Custom fields questions

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this topic is useful for me,thank you very much!

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