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  12-14-09 12:03pm Installation on Godaddy

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I am trying to install iScripts Multicart on my website that is hosted through Godaddy. Currently running IIS 7.0 server with PHP 5.0 and a MySQL 5.0 Database. I keep trying to install, but every time I try I get the error message: "Connection Not Successful! Please verify your database details!"

Is it even possible to install this software on a site hosted by GoDaddy?

Yeah, I know GoDaddy is terrible, but the client is using this and I have no choice in the matter.


  12-29-09 6:12am Re: Installation on Godaddy

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Please make sure you are entering the correct database server host name.

If you are still having trouble installing this, you can purchase the professional installtion from :

Once we get the details , we will install the product.




  02-17-10 10:16am Re: Installation on Godaddy

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you didn't find your Daddy yet ????

one and only : < Achumon >

  11-17-13 4:11am SocialWare Installation

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iScripts Socialware Installer

Checking PHP Version... 5.4.16 (ok)
Checking System Information... WINNT
Checking PHP Server API... cgi-fcgi
Checking Path to 'php.ini'... C:\Windows
Checking Curl Version... 7.30.0
Checking PHP GD extension... On
Checking safe_mode... Off
Checking file_uploads...On
Checking open base directory...On - Please upload a test file

please can anyone help?


  11-19-13 6:02am Re: Installation on Godaddy

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You can fill out all necessary fields and continue with the installation without test file itself.

Vineeth <br />

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