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  11-03-08 8:45am Is this script really slow?

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I am interested in multicart. With some modifications I believe it will work as the front for another site I am building.

However, the script seems to be extremely slow. The user demo takes about 10 secs to load, and each subsequent page about 8 secs. And I am on a 1.5MB DSL connection.

Is this typical? Everything else on the site, including forums, seems to run quickly, so I don't think it is a problem between me and the iscript servers.


  11-04-08 8:36pm Re: Is this script really slow?

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I am just another user like you, but I don't seem to have the same loading problem. I do see a small delay in the loading and I am guessing that it is from the top frame that is on iscripts that lets you order it from there.

if you would like, I am still setting mine up so you can try to use the site and tell me if you have any problems or notice anything funny.

the url is:

go ahead and register as a user / seller if you wish..
I think my paypal cart may be turned on (just a warning)
Let me know how it goes...


  12-08-09 5:21am Re: Is this script really slow?

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I used it before and it's really slow. I don't know about the other people who has used it.

Placement financier


  01-02-10 1:38am Re: Is this script really slow?

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Hello Chikee

The script is optimized to even work with slow internet connection. We assume this is an issue with your hosting server loads. Could you please check it with them ?



  11-24-11 9:06pm Re: Is this script really slow?

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It was slow for me too ... I guess the demo is not hosted to withstand too much activity.
As the same time the whole website of iScripts went down for a minute or so ...
I confirm that my connection was working fine.


  11-25-11 1:33am Re: Is this script really slow?

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Hi Koxon,

It might be a temporary issue. Both the script and the server were optimized enough to handle the work load.


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